Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union

Help Abolish Medical Debt Today

Every dollar you donate forgives $100 in Medical Debt

Join “Commodore Perry FCU: Anchored Against Debt” in eliminating medical debt! Every dollar donated to our campaign goes directly towards forgiving medical debt in Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, Hancock, Wood, & Erie County. With the assistance of Undue Medical Debt, we will maximize the impact of our donations, ensuring that each contribution counts.

Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union has joined Undue Medical Debt to alleviate the burden of medical debt within our community. With a steadfast commitment to financial wellness and compassionate assistance, CPFCU and your support will provide relief to those grappling with overwhelming medical expenses. By leveraging our dedication to serving the community, CPFCU stands as a beacon of hope, offering a lifeline to those in need. In a time of uncertainty and hardship, your efforts to ease the financial strain of medical debt will assist our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our members and the community at large.

How does it work?

  • You make a donation. Undue Medical Debt uses data analytics to pinpoint the debt of those most in need: households that earn less than 4x the federal poverty level (varies by state, family size) or whose debts are 5% or more of annual income.
  • Undue buys medical debt at a steep discount. We buy debt in bundles, millions of dollars at a time at a fraction of the original cost. This means your donation relieves about 100x its value in medical debt. Every dollar donated will be wipe out up to $100 in medical debt.
  • Together, we wipe out medical debt. Recipients have no tax consequences or penalties to consider. Just like that, they’re free of medical debt!

In the past forty years, medical costs have doubled, insurance copays and deductibles have spiked, and bankruptcy rates have quadrupled, creating an avalanche of destructive medical debt. Medical debt increases mental health distress, decreases utilization of medical services, and forces tough choices between paying off debt incrementally or paying for food, utilities, housing, and education.

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