DuPage County offers its residents a unique blend of urban and suburban living, combining a vibrant arts and culture scene with beautiful natural surroundings and numerous outdoor amenities. While DuPage is known for its strong economy and often seen as a hub for technology, manufacturing, and healthcare industries, many DuPage County residents are grappling with the overwhelming burden of unpayable medical bills.

According to a report from the Commonwealth Fund, DuPage County bears some of the highest healthcare expenses in the nation, with residents shelling out nearly 50% more for medical care than the national average. This, coupled with a significant amount of uninsured and underinsured individuals, places residents of DuPage County at risk for accumulating staggering medical debts.

This situation places families in the painful position of having to choose between essential needs like healthcare, food, housing, and transportation. Furthermore, these debts create a formidable barrier to financial progress and impede folks’ ability to save money, pursue an education, embark on entrepreneurial ventures, or even attain the dream of homeownership. In partnership with the DuPage Health Coalition, we are seeking to abolish over $17 Million in medical debt for the residents of DuPage County.

Here’s a statement from a Western suburbs resident:

“I am both surprised and grateful to Undue Medical Debt for abolishing my medical debt. I have been plagued with medical debt all of my adult life due to a genetic disease. Care has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years and it will continue. This help removes the depression associated with the obligation to pay and lets me know that there is someone who cares. This is the best gift I’ve ever received. This organization is truly worthy of all the financial support it receives from kindhearted, selfless, and generous donors. It has made a huge difference in my life and that of others who have benefitted from their benevolence, I’m sure. Thank you so much!” – Patricia B., $4,854.35 abolished

Undue’s debt abolishment model offers individuals like Patricia a glimmer of hope by leveraging every dollar donated to erase approximately $100 of medical debt. Every day we receive heartwarming stories from beneficiaries like Patricia who express the profound impact of this debt relief on their lives and families. Knowing that a mere $1 will alleviate around $100 of medical debt serves as a pointed example of how a small donation can bring significant, tangible relief; every donation, no matter the size, will directly benefit the people of DuPage County.