Together, we’ve raised $26,831.00—which has eliminated $2,683,100 in medical debt—join the movement today!

Help us make the impossible possible.

In honor of the powerful true story ORDINARY ANGELS, coming to theaters February 23, we aim to raise $10,000,000 in medical debt relief. Every $1 you donate eliminates $100 in medical debt.

ORDINARY ANGELS centers on Sharon (Hilary Swank), a fierce but struggling hairdresser in small-town Kentucky who discovers a renewed sense of purpose when she meets Ed (Alan Ritchson), a widower working hard to make ends meet for his two daughters. With his youngest daughter waiting for a liver transplant, Sharon sets her mind to helping the family and will move mountains to do it: including having his medical bills erased.

Now you can join the movement of Ordinary Angels. The gift of debt relief is life-changing—and every dollar makes a difference.

Watch this powerful scene from ORDINARY ANGELS!

How can I get involved?

  • Visit for resources and share tools to help spread the word.
  • Follow @KingdomStoryCompany for updates on ORDINARY ANGELS and future films.

Can we give as a church?

  • Yes! To support the Be An ORDINARY ANGEL campaign as a congregation, give through your church’s name. Visit to download the companion sermon series!
  • Recipients will receive a letter with your church’s name, identifying your congregation as the one that canceled their debt.

Where does my support go?

  • Debt is purchased in bundles, millions of dollars at a time at a fraction of the original cost. This means your donation relieves about 100x its value in medical debt. Together we wipe out medical debt. People across the country receive letters that their debt has been erased. They have no tax consequences or penalties to consider. Just like that, they’re free of medical debt. All donations are 100% tax deductible.