We have a new name — RIP Medical Debt is now Undue Medical Debt.
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Joseph Legaspi
Ikenna Chukwuma
Allison Sesso
Jana Knauerova
Jonathan Chu
Alok Ahuja
Ravneeta Consul
Ray Bonilla
Ashton Henze
Mikel Burroughs
Jessica McDermott
Vishal Shah
Peter Nieuwkerk
David Reynolds
Blanca Godoi
Lizzie Garcia
Jervon Ralph
Sani Messchi
Marisa Clemente


Allison Sesso
President / CEO
Ravneeta Consul
Blanca Godoi
Executive Assistant / Administrative Services Manager


William A. von Mueffling
Chairman of the Board; President, Cantillon Capital Management
Dr. Oxiris Barbot
President, United Hospital Fund and former NYC Health Commissioner
Robert E Goff
Founding Director; Principal, The ABER Group LLC
Jon Lindsey
Managing Partner; Major, Lindsey & Africa
Elizabeth Marincola
Senior Advisor, Science for Africa Foundation
Michele Masucci
Vice Chair; Partner, Nixon Peabody
Jose N. Penabad
Treasurer; Co-Founder and CIO, HCG
Dr. Ram Raju
Former Senior Vice President with Northwell Health and CEO with NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation
Ted in
Board Member
Jeff Smedsrud
Healthcare.com Co-Founder and President, Insurance Services
Jonathan Wiggs
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Outbound AI

Debt Operations

Ruth Landé
Vice President, Provider Relations
Mikel Burroughs
Director of Debt Acquisition
Mike Toth
Director of Debt Acquisition
Peter Nieuwkerk
Business Process Manager
Jeannine Freeman
Debt Operations Administration Manager
Sani Messchi
Provider Partnership Manager
Vishal Shah
Data Analyst
Keith Hearle
Special Advisor


Jana Knauerova
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Jessica McDermott
Development Liaison Manager
Ashton Henze
Accounting Manager
Joseph Legaspi
Grants & Project Manager
Ikenna Chukwuma
Junior Accountant

Public Policy & Program Management

Eva Stahl
Vice President, Public Policy & Program Management
Lindsey Zischkale
Policy Analyst
Camila Salvagno
Program Manager, Constituent Services
Ernest Modarelli
Government Initiatives Manager
Gregory Brodie
Program Manager, Community Engagement
Dina Magnes
Program Manager, Student Engagement


Marisa Clemente
Vice President, Philanthropy
Lizzie Garcia
Associate Director of Philanthropy
Ray Bonilla
Development Database Manager
Emily Blay
Philanthropy Manager


Scott Gannon Patton
Vice President, Development
Vanessa Matthew
Associate VP of Development
Rachel Katz
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Kayla Andresino
Development Associate, Strategic Partnerships
Sam Garber
Donor Services Lead Associate
Sofia Delvalle
Development Coordinator
Rihana Joseph
Development Associate
Daphne Sprague
Administrative Associate

Info Systems

David Reynolds
Vice President, Info Systems
Charles Russek
Senior Software Developer
Jonathan Chu
Software Developer
Nikolai Simonov
Associate Software Developer
Eric Kemp
Data Specialist
Maksat Sadyrov
DevOps and Infrastructure Engineer
Jervon Ralph
Project Manager, Info Systems
Alok Ahuja
ETL Manager

Communications and Marketing

Daniel Lempert
VP Communications and Marketing
Morgan Telesford
Communications and Marketing Manager
George & Elaine
Design & Development
Emily Brimmer
Social Media Director
Katie Goulding
PR Manager

At Undue Medical Debt, diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our debt abolishment work. Our mission is to end medical debt. Medical debt, at its core, is an issue of equity: equitable access to affordable healthcare and economic security. We believe that debt abolishment is a powerful platform to spur systemic change and are committed to telling the diverse stories of our beneficiaries, ensuring their voices are included in every conversation about medical debt.   

We are also dedicated to greater diversity and inclusion within our own organization, providing equal opportunity to every person regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, ability, income, marital status, age, geographic location, and veteran status. We are committed to learning through engagement with each other, DEI training opportunities, and changes in organizational culture to be a welcoming and inclusive workplace.  

We are committed to being an active participant in addressing equity. We aim to lead and are ready to learn. We recognize that the work of diversity, equity and inclusion is a process, not an outcome, and we are ready to grow and do the work. As an organization uniquely positioned to listen and witness lived-experiences of people struggling with medical debt and work in partnership with powerful stakeholders to advance our mission, we strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work and hold our partners accountable to the same. 

As such, the following principles guide our work internally and externally:  

  • All people, regardless of background, have equal elue in our communities and workplaces, though we must commit to elevating the voices of those with less agency due to historical inequity.  
  • Our health systems (and many others) were designed to help some and not others. Reimagining these systems is the pathway to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Inequities harm people and generationally deny some populations access to health and wealth.   
  • Awareness, self-reflection, and a commitment to growth are at the heart of diversity, equity, and inclusion work.  
  • Only through meaningful inclusion of diverse voices and experiences can we succeed in our efforts to include and serve all. 

Join us in our commitment.