Over 1 in 10 San Diegans struggle with medical debt, which can cause them to avoid care and worsen their physical and mental health. Our community members are suffering greatly, and we, as a group of passionate high school students from the San Diego chapter of Students for a National Health Program, are determined to make a difference.

Medical debt isn’t just a financial burden; it can lead to instability in all areas of life. Medical debt causes difficulties when paying for rent and other necessities, and in San Diego in particular, pushes some to homelessness. Many of San Diego’s populations are extremely vulnerable to incurring medical debt — from the students who attend local colleges and universities to our Hispanic, military, and elderly neighbors, medical debt threatens and affects many San Diegans.

As young advocates hoping to pursue medicine, we believe every person in San Diego deserves the opportunity to lead a free and healthy life. You can help us make it possible by joining in our mission to relieve local medical debt!