Undue’s total face-value abolishments in the ARC-defined region of Appalachia – $1,069,118,490.15 of medical debt

In the past forty years, medical costs have doubled, insurance copays and deductibles have spiked, and bankruptcy rates have quadrupled, giving rise to burdensome medical debt. More than 60% of bankruptcies in America have medical debt as a root cause, and the situation is especially dire in Appalachia.

A recent study showed that in Appalachia, out-of-pocket healthcare costs are 40% higher than the national average, and this year, almost every state in Appalachia suffered a decline in insurance coverage—sure to make things worse.

Moreover, the economic hardship experienced by 1 in 5 Appalachians living below the poverty line often results in an inability to manage medical debts, exacerbating the challenges of poverty and, for many, creating a steep barrier to overcoming it. The repercussions of medical debt extend beyond financial distress, deterring individuals from seeking necessary healthcare or affording medications, thereby compromising both their health and financial security.

With its strong work ethic and abundant natural resources, Appalachia fueled America’s prosperity. From the Great Smoky Mountains to Davy Crockett, Appalachia has formed America’s cultural image. Musicians like Ralph Stanley and Dolly Parton defined American music. 

While medical debt has affected all of America, it is especially tragic that the medical debt crisis has hit Appalachia so hard, an area that has given so much to the country. 

How You Can Help

Undue Medical Debt donors Jim and Sharen Branscome have taken a big first step by abolishing $8 million of medical debt in the region. They’ve decided to continue their support by organizing this crowdfunding campaign that will focus on medical debt relief in Appalachia perpetually. With $240 million of medical debt available and growing in the region, the circumstances are right for a massive philanthropic opportunity.

When debt relief recipients open the envelope from Undue, they are told that their debt has been bought by a third party and erased with no strings attached. They owe nothing on the debt and face no tax penalty.

Every dollar you contribute is a $100 investment in Appalachian towns and cities. Money will stay in the community instead of being taken by out-of-state debt collectors. On average, $16 can abolish the medical debt of an entire family, allowing them to invest in a home, schooling, or retirement.

“I read my letter over a few times to make sure it was the real thing. Receiving this debt relief renewed my faith that I can get back on track. It jump-started it – that we can do this – I can get back in the game! It’s unheard of what Undue does, and it’s a game changer in the medical world. It’s a game changer for me.” 

— Reagan, Undue Medical Debt Recipient of Debt Relief