We have a new name — RIP Medical Debt is now Undue Medical Debt.
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National Nonprofit RIP Medical Debt Announces Exciting Rebrand to Undue Medical Debt 

To mark the nonprofit’s 10-year anniversary this rebrand reflects Undue’s evolution to better tackle the medical debt crisis 

Queens, New York – Monday, April 15, 2024 – After being founded in 2014 by medical debt collections industry professionals RIP Medical Debt is officially updating its name to Undue Medical Debt. The new brand, over a year in the making, reflects the national nonprofit’s evolution over the past 10 years, one that has seen it go from $1 billion of medical debt erased in 2020 to nearly $12 billion today.  

While the organization will continue to relieve medical debt, its vision for accomplishing that goal has broadened to address root causes through policy and program initiatives. This rebrand symbolizes a commitment to systemic change, with the goal of transforming the healthcare system to make medical debt relief unnecessary. 

Explore the new site: www.UndueMedicalDebt.org and the media kit here: https://unduemedicaldebt.org/mediakit 

The rollout of the new “Undue Medical Debt” brand represents a thrilling milestone, capturing the organization’s growth and bold vision for a future where the causes of medical debt are undone, eliminating the need for debt relief altogether. Since Undue’s inception the mission has not changed – to end medical debt.  

The name “Undue” reflects both the fact that medical debts are no longer due when the organization erases them but also that medical debts in general are far too often an excessive and unjustified burden. 

The new, royal blue stamp logo evokes the opposite of a red “due” stamp on an unpaid bill or collections notice and aims to convey to recipients of debt relief that some or all of their medical debt burden has been removed.  

“The rollout of our new name and brand represents an exciting moment in our organizational history,” shares Undue Medical Debt president and CEO, Allison Sesso. “These changes reflect how much we’ve grown and capture our bold vision for a future in which the causes of medical debt are undone, eliminating the need for us to make debts un-due. Our mission remains to end medical debt and be a source of justice in an unjust healthcare finance system, a unique solution for patient-centered healthcare providers and a moral force for systemic change so all people can seek healthcare without fear.” 

Some of the ways Undue has evolved in the last few years: 

  • Who qualifies for relief has changed, from 2x the federal poverty line to 4x. This change reflects that increasingly middle class families are burdened by unpayable medical debts. 
  • Since 2021 Undue has started acquiring half of the medical debts it erases directly from providers like hospitals and physicians’ groups (as opposed to collection agencies and debt buyers).  
  • Undue is increasingly sharing insightful feedback with providers like hospitals to amend upstream financial aid policies and insurance navigation so less patients fall through the cracks. 
  • Undue is piloting strategic partnerships with community groups to pair debt abolishment with access to other healthcare resources like navigators for health insurance. 
  • Undue has created and continues to build out a public policy team to address the upstream causes of medical debt and is increasingly partnering with local governments to target medical debt relief to specific geographic areas increasing the impact of the program.