We have a new name — RIP Medical Debt is now Undue Medical Debt.
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“I received a letter in the mail from, “Undue Medical Debt,” stating that my medical bill had been paid. I was totally shocked and did some research and discovered they were legit. I was totally stunned that there are people that still care enough to pay my debt. I am telling everyone I know about this corporation. How many letters do we get, that are legit, telling us our debt has been abolished? I’m still shocked and elated! This is truly a blessing. I’M TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW!!!”


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    Amber is a recipient of our debt relief program living in Toledo, Ohio. The debt relief provided to her was made possible…

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  • John V.

    “Since I turned 26, I’ve been without health insurance and accruing a lot of medical debt. I’m a stay-at-home dad and only…

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  • Alex

    “After receiving the letter and finding out my debt was abolished; it was such a sigh of relief. The weight on my…

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  • Laura & Ben

    Laura is Ben’s mom. Ben’s heart transplant, his startling cancer diagnosis, and the follow-up care he requires has left their family with…

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