We have a new name — RIP Medical Debt is now Undue Medical Debt.
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“Thank you for the help. My husband and I live on one income. My being diabetic puts a financial strain on us. From quarterly doctor visits to supplies for insulin injections it is very costly. We currently do not have insurance everything comes from our pocket until we have nothing left. A debt relief is a great sigh to us. Thank you again for helping afford doctors, hospitals, labs, supplies,medications and so on. Any help makes my day.”

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    Amber is a recipient of our debt relief program living in Toledo, Ohio. The debt relief provided to her was made possible…

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  • John V.

    “Since I turned 26, I’ve been without health insurance and accruing a lot of medical debt. I’m a stay-at-home dad and only…

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  • Alex

    “After receiving the letter and finding out my debt was abolished; it was such a sigh of relief. The weight on my…

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  • Laura & Ben

    Laura is Ben’s mom. Ben’s heart transplant, his startling cancer diagnosis, and the follow-up care he requires has left their family with…

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