The Problem  

In the past forty years, medical costs have doubled, insurance copays and deductibles have spiked, and bankruptcy rates have quadrupled, creating an avalanche of medical debt. At the start of 2022, approximately 1.3 million adults in Michigan had medical debt in collections. Medical debt causes serious financial and emotional harm to individuals and families. Individuals who have medical debt also have a greater likelihood of experiencing mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. While Michigan has a robust network of hospitals and healthcare coverage options, many Michiginians still struggle to access affordable healthcare. 

How You Can Help  

Undue Medical Debt uses your donations to purchase bundled medical debt portfolios directly from care providers and then abolishes that debt at pennies on the dollar. In Michigan, we now have access to a large portfolio of debt from care providers in the state that, with your help, will improve the quality of life for more than 190,000 “Michiganders.”

On average, $1 is leveraged to abolish $100 in medical debt, and every donation through this page will be spent directly on abolishing medical debt in Michigan. With $181 million of medical debt available throughout the state, there is ample opportunity to make a difference. 

When debt relief recipients open the envelope from Undue, they are told that their debt has been bought by a third party and erased with no strings attached. They owe nothing on the debt and face no tax penalty. A few debt relief recipients from Michigan wrote to us, saying, 

I struggled with being able to afford medical insurance and I am so thankful for this! It has helped me so much [that I am] now able to afford insurance…[and it] will help me with my credit repair that I have been working on,

Kathleen, from Sturgis, MI

I want to start by saying thank God for you all! I have had so many surgeries and am still in the process of needing more. I have a blood disorder called avascular necrosis and severe anemia, along with a list of other things. I did not know how I was going to pay this bill, but to know that someone out there was willing to pay for it without ever meeting me or knowing my story…’s nothing but God! I appreciate you so much and this has truly made my year!

Felicia, from Detroit, MI

I am so very grateful that you were able to pay my medical bill. That was so thoughtful and that’s one less bill I have to stress about. Thank you so much.

Stacey, from constantine, MI

I was not expecting to receive a letter in the mail relieving me of an unpaid hospital bill. Thanks to someone’s generous donation, I no longer have to worry about choosing between paying that medical bill vs. putting food on the table for my family. Not only was I financially relieved of this debt but emotionally relieved as well. It saddens me to know that even in such a developed country like the United States, many citizens have to worry about the financial toll a hefty medical bill can have. Thanks to Undue Medical Debt, it doesn’t have to be such a burden. Anyone who would like to give back to their community or wants to be generous, can pay a medical bill for someone through Undue Medical Debt. It is a great way to make a positive impact on someone else’s life.

c.w., from northville, MI

With its Great Lakes shoreline and famous automobile industry, Michigan has much to be proud of. Every dollar you contribute is a $100 investment in Michigan counties and cities. On average, $15 will wipe out the debt associated with a single billing account. Up to $100,000 of donations will be matched. Your donation will stay in the community instead of being taken by out-of-state debt collectors. Please join us today!